coming july 2024


A new building CONCEPT in downtown OKlahoma city


Where Citizenship and Innovation Meet

Founded on the values of Citizenship, this world class 12-story mixed-use building integrates 21st-century workspace with unparalleled hospitality. The building embraces Citizen-led programming and innovation in design, setting a new standard for excellence.


Citizen lives at the intersection of Downtown OKC, Midtown and the Innovation District. Its proximity to the iconic Oklahoma City National Memorial connects us with the cultural and economic center of the State.


Citizen represents a curated blend of leading family offices, philanthropic organizations, hospitality and civic-minded businesses.

Citizen House

Citizen is anchored by Citizen House, a three-story modern social club that integrates bespoke hotel suites, flexible executive workspace, upscale dining and special event spaces.

“I believe downtown Oklahoma City is the ideal place for us to develop our bold vision for the Citizen, which will impact the community and state for generations to come. This project expands upon the success of The Heritage and is a unique opportunity for us to re-think how people will work and socialize in the future. We are excited about the opportunity to invest in our community and organize capital for economic development and wealth creation.”

— Bond Payne, Managing Partner
“The responsibility of citizenship is to make a place better because of an individual’s engagement and involvement. The Citizen embodies a physical space where people in our community can work and socialize. We believe this first class building is perfectly designed for a post-Covid world where in-person engagement is required for the future of work and more.”

— Renzi Stone, Co-Founder and Partner

Led by a team of local and internationally-renowned firms, the Citizen’s design and construction will complement and positively impact the surrounding neighborhood.

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Rendering of front exterior of The Citizen building


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